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Custom experiences for all devices

Not all products need an app: in most cases, a responsive & mobile-friendly web application is the best solution.

We design and develop modern, responsive and lightning-fast web applications. Whether it's a beautiful informational website, a sophisticated analytics dashboard with comprehensive features and integrations, or a custom ecommerce platform - a custom web application is likely what you need.

our capabilities

We build powerful web applications

Convergence is regularly ranked as a Top 10 custom software development partner in Canada. Whether your business is modernizing its legacy operations, developing a new SaaS platform, or enhancing an existing technology ecosystem, we see the big picture.

User Experience and Business Analyst specialists perform an in-depth review of your operational workflows (planned or existing) from end to end, involving all relevant stakeholder groups. The result is a web platform that is highly tailored to the nuances of your business and industry.

A well-architected infrastructure is critical to the security and reliability of your web application and its supporting systems. The user experience may receive all of the attention, but under the hood is networking, load balancing, scalability, security, data storage, and so much more.

The premise is simple: automate as much as possible and focus on your core business. Whether it's designing frictionless user workflows or leveraging Artificial Intelligence for deeper insights, let the software do the heavy lifting.

If your software vision is business related, then you are likely facing like-minded competition. In the age of Information Technology, innovative software is the landscape upon which competition unfolds. Stay ahead of the curve with analytics and insights derived from the latest data visualization libraries and Machine Learning techniques.

Cloud-based software systems are massively scalable. If your workloads are relatively light, then it is often surprisingly affordable to launch a production-ready application. Costs scale linearly with usage - we engineer the resources to be elastic and based on real-time demands.

Industry partners

Official AWS Partner

Behind all business-grade platforms is a robust cloud-based infrastructure. Convergence is both an AWS Select Consulting Partnerand anAWS Public Sector Partner - we have deep knowledge in the architecture, development and management of the systems that your software ecosystem requires in order to scale.

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our approach

Agile team and processes

Our teams operate under the Scrum project management framework. Iterative and transparent teamwork brings the software to life before your eyes, allowing for agile pivoting and increased confidence in the project's direction.


Research & design

UI/UX specialists conduct stakeholder interviews and workflow analysis, resulting in an expertly crafted user experience. Branding and market analysis in parallel


Define infrastructure

The architecture team defines and deploys the network infrastructure, multi-environment deployment pipelines, DevOps configurations and more.



Sprint planning, well-defined development efforts, stakeholder confirmation - rinse and repeat in 2 week sprints throughout the project development lifecycle.



Our dedicated technical QA team is attached to the development pipeline in each sprint. Client stakeholders are typically engaged in the testing process as well.



Staging environment deployments are frequent and automated, but going to Production is when things get serious. We orchestrate successful public launches.



There are a lot of moving parts in a modern cloud-based web ecosystem. Our IT Operations & Management services let you focus on your core business.


The modern tech stack evolves quickly, and we move with it. Here is a sampling of some of our go-to frameworks, tools and languages.

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designing for all

Built with all device types in mind

Using responsive design techniques, our UI/UX specialists ensure that your web application looks great, performs well and responds predictably on all device sizes – from mobile phones to 4K TVs. User interaction, device-specific feature set availability and layout implications are all taken into consideration.

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