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Identify cyber threats proactively with the help of our automated utilities and services.

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security services

Scan your internet-facing software for known vulnerabilities and exploits

Are you confident in your platform's cybersecurity and data protection practices? Without proper safeguards in place, your sensitive information and servers could be at risk of a potentially devastating cyber attack.

That's where our automated vulnerability assessments come in. By proactively running your software through a large and evolving database of known vulnerabilities and exploits, we help keep your business compliant and its software more resistant to common attacks.

our Approach

Assessments, results and recommendations

Our software security team focuses on identifying all internet-facing attack surfaces, orchestrating vulnerability scans, interpreting and validating scan results, and producing easy-to-understand summaries with recommendations for remediation.



First, we itemize and map the IT infrastructure and develop an understanding of the nature of the software's internet-facing components. An inventory of potential attack surfaces is compiled.



A licensed, certified and widely-adopted vulnerability scan utility is used to scan the client's software against a database of tens of thousands of known exploits and vulnerabilities. This database grows daily.



The raw output of the vulnerability scan is highly technical. Our team interprets these results based on relevance, risk and category. The relevance of a vulnerability depends on the context of the technology and infrastructure.



Each item is validated to ensure that it is not a false positive. The nature of the software infrastructure may allow certain items in the vulnerability scan report to be discarded.



We translate the highly technical findings into a document that is suitable for a business audience. Our clients expect clear findings based on which compliance decisions can be made.



The team will come up with suggestions to remediate the vulnerabilities. The suggestions shall include steps to fix the vulnerabilities and will also comment on the nature of effort involved.

Certified tools

Our team employs a widely-adopted security utility that is adopted by public and private institutions around the world. Among its qualifications are CREST and AICPA SOC certifications.

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identify, improve, repeat

Cyber threat vulnerability assessments

Whether you're maintaining legacy operations, building a new SaaS platform, or improving your existing technology ecosystem, it's crucial to ensure that your software systems are secure from cyber threats. Conducting periodic vulnerability assessments can help identify existing and potential security vulnerabilities that could allow external parties to launch cyber attacks against your system, putting your data and users at risk. Our platform can be automated to perform daily, weekly or monthly scans against an evolving threat database.

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