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We are an industry-leading digital product development company

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Convergence is a software design and development company. We are aware that creating client-oriented software takes a mixture of technical excellence and clear communication. Our firm designs and develops everything in-house to ensure that you receive both.

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Speeding up digital transformation

Our goal is to inspire and deliver growth through our agile software development processes.

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Cross-functional team structure

Our multi-disciplined team is able to provide high-value services that go well beyond software design & development. With dedicated in-house digital marketing, SEM, business analysis and project management members, Convergence truly is an all-inclusive technology partner.

Whether developing an app for a brand new concept or modernizing an existing business, having a Business Analyst involved early on can have a significant impact on a project's ROI, development roadmap, and chance of success.

Marketers create value for customers and help to build a unique brand for your organization. Our marketing team analyzes the marketing environment, your target customers, potential branding strategies, and more. Our marketing and SEO strategies come alongside the software development timeline.

Beautiful and modern UI/UX design is critically important in building a digital presence and interacting with customers. From UI/UX, workflow development, branding, theming and iconography - and more - our design team will guide you through the design process in a highly collaborative fashion, starting on day one.

Any software company can fulfill technical requirements, but very few can architect systems the right way. We understand what VC firms would like to see under the hood, and we are well aware of trends in tech and in the talent pool. Our team and talent benefits from Vancouver's premiere start-up climate and proximity to the tech giants.

Our experts in Artificial Intelligence and blockchain will position your business to leverage the strengths of these technologies. Fortune 500 companies have on average two AI projects under active development; the competitive landscape is changing, and it is never too early - or too late - to get started.