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AIR program

Leverage our network of advsiors and mentors

Convergence's Advisors In Residence ("AIR") program is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with veteran thought leaders, mentors and advisors. The entrepreneurial journey is fraught with hardships, and the closest thing to a shortcut is to align yourself with someone that has spent decades solving, overcoming and understanding the challenges of this space.

Throughout our decades in Vancouver's business community, we've cultivated relationships with some of the industry's most esteemed thought leaders. Expert guidance and the right connections are crucial for any venture, large or small, and we're here to give you a head start.
Our AIR program seeks to be a no-strings-attached gateway for entrepreneurs to gain the allies they need in order to be competitive and successful.
There are no requirements to apply to be connected with an AIR. Your business can be a startup, an established multinational company, or anything in between.
That being said, once an AIR accepts being connected with an entrepreneur, that relationship becomes a direct one, not managed by - or overseen by - Convergence. AIRs may decline to engage with an entrepreneur's application.
After submitting your application using the form below, we will consult with your chosen AIR. If you did not specify a "preferred" AIR, then we will undertake some due diligence to select an AIR that we feel best suits your venture.
Once the AIR has reviewed your application to connect, they may request to set up an official introduction. Please note that our AIRs receive a high number of inquiries and solicitations, and that we cannot guarantee their availability.

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MVP Program

Launch to market with our MVP development program

Is your business a startup? Convergence's MVP Program assists qualifying businesses with the development of a market-ready product by coming alongside the project as an investor and partner.

Office Space

Looking for downtown office space?

If you or your team are looking for centrally located downtown office space but aren't ready to commit to a lease, wish to be in the company of likeminded professionals, and value our expertise and connections, then we'd love to hear from you.

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