AWS Cloud Ops Management

All-inclusive cloud infrastructure management, hosting, post-launch support and incident response.

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Our managed

cloud services

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Research & design

We assist organizations in optimizing their usage of Amazon Web Services to improve the performance, security, and cost-effectiveness of their cloud-based systems.

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Migration and Transfer Services

Cloud migration services provide guidance and support for organizations looking to move their applications, data, and infrastructure to the AWS cloud platform.

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Architecture Setup

AWS infrastructure design and deployment services enable organizations to build, deploy, and scale their applications and services in a secure, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

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Hosting, Support and Maintenance

We offer a suite of cloud operations management services to help clients automate, monitor, and manage their infrastructure and applications, enabling them to focus on their core business.

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Technical Cost Optimization Reviews

Cloud cost optimization services help organizations reduce their cloud spending by optimizing resource utilization, identifying and eliminating waste, and implementing cost-saving best practices on cloud platforms such as AWS.

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Periodic Architecture Reviews

Periodic cloud architecture review services provide regular assessments of an organization's cloud infrastructure to ensure it is aligned with their business goals, optimized for cost and performance, and secure, providing actionable recommendations for improvement.

Who we are

Who we are

The Convergence CloudOps team specializes in developing and supporting cloud infrastructure, offering expert services and solutions to help clients optimize their cloud investments and achieve their business outcomes. We are an AWS Public Sector Partner and an AWS Select Partner.

Why our clients choose our cloud services

Trusted by start-ups and enterprises

As a trusted AWS Consulting and Public Sector Partner, Convergence has a proven track record of delivering expert cloud infrastructure solutions to clients ranging from start-ups to public institutions. We help businesses achieve their goals and maximize their return on investment in the cloud.

Built to scale

Our products are designed with a global reach in mind. Whatever the anticipated usage of the initial launch, our cloud-first strategy is the same: to deploy a robust infrastructure that is suitable for mission-critical operations.

A B2B support partner

The average cloud-based digital product is powered by 10 to 30 infrastructure services and integrations, spanning multiple environments and third party vendors. We offer a long-term Cloud Operations Management support service that is typically much more affordable than a dedicated in-house cloud architect.

How we efficiently and securely migrate your technology stack to AWS


Assessment and design

We work with you to categorize your applications and design a new infrastructure and migration plan around them. We consider things such as integration possibilities, security and performance improvements, scalability and innovation. We design the best solution for your business.



We define a comprehensive migration plan that focuses on offering the most seamless transfer, minimizing or avoiding disruption to your core business. Best practice DevOps methodologies are established to deploy and manage your cloud infrastructure.



We optimize your cloud solution by considering factors such as geo-specific pricing, services, and data storage, and by identifying the most efficient scaling and containerization options for your critical applications, ensuring a tailored solution that meets your unique needs.



Once we have successfully deployed and optimized your cloud infrastructure, we will assist you in maintaining and overseeing your resources, applications, and data, ensuring smooth technical operations and comprehensive incident response management.

Our Cloud Ops support packages

CloudOps offers an all-inclusive AWS Cloud Ops Management support service aimed at keeping business-class cloud infrastructure operational and in good health. Proactive incident and downtime monitoring ensure that the support team is notified as soon as an anomaly is detected.

The average custom business platform is powered by 10 to 30 infrastructure services across multiple environments and third party vendors; several specialized disciplines are required to manage all this. Make Convergence your qualified long-term support partner — at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated in-house cloud architect.
Most popular
Tier 1
Suitable for simple business websites, CMS installs, corporate sites, etc. For low complexity systems.
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16x5 response SLA
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Access to support channel
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Incident response and remediation
Most popular
Tier 2
Suitable for moderate complexity full-stack software platforms. web applications, back-end systems, and databases.
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16x7 response SLA
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Includes all Tier 1 services
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Dedicated support manager
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Dedicated support channel
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24/7 automated uptime monitoring
Most popular
Tier 3
Suitable for higher complexity full-stack platforms with multiple environments and many integrations and moving parts.
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16x7 response SLA
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Includes all Tier 2 services
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24/7 automated performance and resource usage monitoring
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Dedicated ticket service desk
Dedicated ticket service desk
Daily scanning of all public-facing digital assets against an evolving database of published threats.
Application error monitoring
Integration with an application-level error and crash monitoring platform. Stay proactive and sustain user satisfaction.
Proactive cost monitoring
Monthly, proactive analysis of cloud infrastructure expenses with advice to maximize savings and control costs.
Some platforms have exceptional needs. 24/7 support, custom SLAs, error monitoring, you name it. Whatever the requirements, we can design a support plan for systems of any size or complexity.

We'll help you get started

Whether you are just starting your cloud-native journey or looking to optimize your existing technology stack, we are here to support you every step of the way.
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Our shared responsibility model

Between the foundational components hosting your software and the user-facing digital products powering your business is a spectrum of ownership and responsibilities. We work together to ensure the optimal management of your cloud infrastructure in concert with all parties involved.*
Customer Managed*
Business Logic
Customer Data
AWS Managed
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Hardware & Global Infrastructure
Edge Locations
Cloud Ops Managed
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Container Image Updates
Service High Availability
Data Protection
Firewall & Network Administration
Disaster Recovery
Infrastructure Monitoring
Incident Response
Add OnsOptional
OS Patching
Continuous Compliance
Governance Monitoring
WAF Administration
Vulnerability Scanning
*In typical support plans, the client manages their own applications, products and data.

Our AWS Technology Stack

Unleash the power of the cloud with Amazon Web Services. CloudOps' comprehensive suite of web and application services, including scalable servers, serverless infrastructure, storage, databases, content delivery, caching, search, and more, make it effortless to build and run customer-centric applications that drive business growth.
AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda
AWS Step Functions
AWS Step Functions
AWS API Gateway
AWS API Gateway
AWS DynamoDB
AWS DynamoDB
AWS CodePipeline
AWS CodePipeline
AWS CodeBuild
AWS CodeBuild
AWS CodeDeploy
AWS CodeDeploy
AWS CloudWatch
AWS CloudWatch
AWS Serverless Application Model
AWS Servless Application Model
AWS Simple Storage Service
AWS SageMaker
AWS SageMaker
AWS CloudFront
AWS CloudFront
AWS Cloud-Formation
AWS Cloud-Formation
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS AppSync
AWS AppSync
AWS IoT Core
AWS IoT Core
AWS Deep Lens
AWS Deep Lens

Have a cloud project in mind?

We do more than set up the pieces. Our AWS Certified solutions architects analyze your business workflows, security posture and integrations and craft bespoke infrastructure that supports your business as it scales.

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