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Project Management and Strategy Services

Turning vision to reality

Our multidisciplinary teams provide high-value services well beyond software design and engineering. With dedicated in-house specialists focusing on digital marketing, technical SEO, business analysis and project management, Convergence truly is an all-inclusive partner.


Developing go-to-market business execution strategies

Whether developing software for a brand new concept or modernizing an existing business, having the support of experienced Project Managers, Business Analysts and Technical SEM specialists early on in the product development lifecycle can have a significant impact on the project's ROI and chances of success. From Day One to post-launch, we are here to ensure that our clients have all the support that they need.


Commitment to agile software development

We understand business operations need to be flexible. Agile software development enables you to succeed in achieving the goal of you project. We are flexible and always adjust to changes in features or requirements.

Our sprint meetings occurs every 2 weeks, and our clients are more than welcome to participate (in person or virtually). The tasks and goals for each 2-week Sprint are planned during these meetings, which means that there is flexibility regarding adjustments to the project's direction., roadmap and task sequencing. Most projects deviate from their original concept due to stakeholder feedback or changes in the market - this is normal for us.


Launch to market with our MVP development program

Is your business a startup? Convergence's MVP Program assists qualifying businesses with the development of a market-ready product by coming alongside the project as an investor and partner.