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Cloud infrastructure is designed to provide easy, scalable and flexible access to applications, computing resources, and services.

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Transformational by design

We do more than set up the pieces required to run your systems. Our AWS Certified architects analyze your business workflows, security profiles and integration points. We establish project planning, version control, automated deployment mechanisms, approval processes, and all of the other DevOps underpinnings that support a modern software ecosystem.

Our products are designed with a global reach in mind. Whatever the anticipated usage of the initial launch, our cloud-first strategy is the same: to deploy a robust infrastructure that is suitable for mission-critical operations.


Cloud Services and architecture

There are a lot of moving parts in a production-ready software platform. A typical custom software product has between 10 and 30 distinct moving parts, replicated across several independent environments.


Official AWS Partner

Behind all enterprise-grade platforms is a robust cloud-based infrastructure. Convergence is an AWS Select Consulting Partner and has deep knowledge in the architecture, development and management of the systems your AI engine needs to scale.

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Cloud infrastructure development lifecycle

Our certified cloud practitioners will design, develop and deploy a cloud-based system architecture that contemplates all aspects of your business' future technological requirements.



What are the anticipated computational and storage workloads? What is unknown, and what is known? What are the business and technological objectives? Brainstorming from end-to-end.


Define infrastructure

Using AWS Best Practices and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) templating frameworks such as Terraform, our experienced cloud specialists get to work by planning out the moving pieces and the connections between them.


Deploy infrasctructure

DevOps, automated deployments, multi-environment configuration - and so on. Environments are spun up and systems are brought online.



If applicable. Existing data, legacy applications and other existing assets are migrated into the new infrastructure. This may involve a data transformation pipeline and/or lift-and-shift efforts for select legacy components.



Optimize, monitor and support the deployed infrastructure. Event capturing platforms such as Sentry and AWS CloudWatch are used to proactively monitor for a wide range of exceptional occurrences.


Refine & improve

Expect the unexpected. Although a properly configured scalable cloud infrastructure is designed to accommodate fluctuations in traffic and computing resources, things happen. The infrastructure should evolve based on usage and analytics.

Infrastructure components

Structure toolbox includes dozens of enterprise-tier cloud services, products and storage solutions, with processing power to meet any possible demand.

AWS Infrastructure ComponentGoogle Cloud Infrastructure ComponentGitHub Infrastructure ComponentDocker Infrastructure ComponentCircleCI Infrastructure ComponentMongoDB Infrastructure Component


The benefits of thinking global


Enterprise-grade cloud service providers are used by governments and Fortune 500 companies around the world. The security practices of the large cloud providers are second to none.


Cloud computing follows a pay-for-what-you-use approach, in general. Don't pay for resources that you don't use, and don't scramble to predict hypothetical future usage.


The Service Level Agreements of large cloud providers such as AWS publish a guaranteed service uptime of over 99.99%. Entire industries rely on the reliability of the major cloud providers.


Elastic cloud architecture can be summarized as follows: services are powered up when they need to be, and are powered down when they don't. Scaling in both directions is automated.

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