Pepper Esports launches its highly anticipated competitive Esports platform

Pepper Esports launches its highly anticipated competitive Esports platform
Emi Nishimura

Emi Nishimura

Nov 25, 2020

The team at Convergence is thrilled to announce the launch of, an esports tournament hosting platform which enables everyday gamers to enjoy continuous competition in their favourite games, while receiving the same high-quality experience that they have come to expect from in-person live events.


Pepper provides players and tournament organizers with an industry-leading platform featuring an advanced suite of tools for league operators and venue owners. Pepper’s key technologies include its proprietary (patent pending) computer vision AI engine that automatically captures players’ scores in-game, as well as global leaderboards, athlete profiles and statistics, tournament discovery, digital wallets and payouts, and an integrated suite of finely-tuned tournament management tools.


The platform is a turnkey solution for anyone interested in building esports communities, whether they are tournament organizers, pro athletes or event sponsors. Pepper has integrations into existing platforms such as Twitch, Discord and Shopify, and social features such as groups, feeds, support and rivalries. Every esports leader can push their career to its limit, connect with audiences around the world from the comfort of their own homes, and make money doing it.


Pepper Esports has recently been acquired by TGS Esports Inc, an esports company focused on providing exceptional esports experiences through its expertise in online and in-person event management. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Gaming Stadium’s facilities have turned into a production house, and the Pepper platform covers all of the bases required for everyday gamers. The Convergence development team took steps to accelerate the development process to ensure that it could meet the growing demand for online tournaments during the Covid-19 pandemic.


A big congratulations to Pepper Esports and an even bigger thank you! from the team here at Convergence for continuing to trust us as your technology partner.


More updates to follow!



About Pepper Esports Inc


Pepper is a leading esports platform provider that offers an advanced platform to create and manage communities of players, organizers, spectators and sponsors, all in one place. By working closely with event organizers and live venue operators over the last two years, Pepper has developed a suite of advanced tools to manage esports communities, run world class esports tournaments and operate physical gaming venues.


About The Gaming Stadium Inc


TGS Esports Inc. is an esports organization focused on providing an unparalleled esports experience through its expertise in online and in-person event management, broadcast production, and Pepper Esports tournament software. TGS is the owner of Canada’s first dedicated esports arena, The Gaming Stadium, located in Richmond, British Columbia, which opened in June 2019. The Gaming Stadium hosts regular online tournaments as well as provides high quality broadcast production for any event. For more information, visit

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