New Year, New Headquarters

New Year, New Headquarters
Emi Nishimura

Emi Nishimura

Jan 19, 2021

But worry not – in terms of latitude and longitude, we haven’t moved at all. We have consolidated our two offices on the 19th floor and relocated to a suite which occupies just under half of the 15th floor.


Our development, design, AI, management, corporate, and investment teams now operate out of Suite 1500, 777 Hornby Street, Vancouver.



Time flies! We’ve had so many memorable events in the last three years. In 2018 we moved from our “cozy” Gastown office to our current tower in central Downtown Vancouver. In 2019, we opened our AI office and secured a larger space for our growing team as we expanded our Artificial Intelligence development capabilities.


In 2020, despite the pandemic, we continued to design and engineer aware-winning software ecosystems for our clients, resulting in (yet again) our team outgrowing our offices.



Our need for more space was driven by three main factors. Firstly, our team size has continued to grow quarter over quarter. Secondly, the pandemic has put an emphasis on having more space in which to separate people. And finally: in a post-COVID world, Convergence aims to begin hosting events and talks related to software engineering, UI/UX design, and AI/ML.


After much office touring – both masked and virtual – the best fit ended up being just an elevator ride away.


A huge thank you to the team at Concrete Cashmere for their work in designing, renovating, and putting together the new space for our operations.


Updates to come later in Q1 as we wrap up our ongoing office setup projects!

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