Convergence joins the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

Convergence joins the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade
Michael Robson

Michael Robson

Jul 27, 2019


What is the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade?


The BoT is Western Canada’s most active and influential business association. In addition to putting on world-class events for the business community year round, they give back to local communities through various initiatives. The goal of the BoT is to support Vancouver businesses through development of the business community, as well as to develop Vancouver as a cultural and economic Gateway to the Pacific. They’re reshaping the business community here, and have been doing so for more than 130 years.


Our goals in joining the BoT include:


Continue Building Relationships With Local and Global Business Leaders


Being part of the BoT grants us access to world-class events where we can share our ideas and learn from those at the forefront of the industries in which we operate. We’re growing quickly, and, with that, our ambition is growing; naturally, we’re always looking for the next challenge in software development, AI and beyond.


Staying Informed in an Ever-Changing Business and Technology Landscape


In addition to empowering the business community, the BoT is constantly hosting events that serve to inform and educate on the latest changes in politics, business and technology. Attending these events ensures that we are ahead of the curve – this translates directly into better services, solutions and foresight for our clients and partners. Recent high-profile guests to BoT events include Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Barack Obama, and Sir Richard Branson.



Giving Back to the City We Love


Above all, our roots are in Vancouver. The BoT aims to make Vancouver one of the best cities to live in through a foundation of sustainable business. Moreover, the BoT doesn’t just bring business people together; it brings the community together by spearheading political advocacy, volunteering opportunities, mentorship programs for university students, the empowerment of women, and opportunities for the the indigenous community.


We are fortunate to have Vancouver as our home. We couldn’t be more excited to join the BoT community and to learn from its esteemed members.