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90% innovation, 10% coffee. We're Convergence.

Our Project Manager, John Becker, giving us a winkOur UI/UX Designer Lead, Marina de Oliveira Lemos, looking very professional!


We are a group of cool people based in Vancouver, Canada.




Convergence develops, designs and deploys business-class software ecosystems of all shapes and sizes.

We are a proudly Canadian company headquartered in the heart of Downtown Vancouver's financial core.


Employees from 10 countries, who speak 8 different languages.

(1 shared home: Vancouver, Canada)

Flags of 8 countries


The core members that make things happen.

Headshot of CEO and Director of Convergence, Matthew Housser

Matthew Housser

CEO, Director

Headshot of Managing Director, Howard Louie

Howard Louie

Managing Director

Headshot of Project Manager, John Becker

John Becker

VP Operations

Headshot of UI/UX Designer Lead, Marina de Oliveira Lemos

Marina de Oliveira Lemos

Director of Design

Headshot of Software Developer, Gustavo Brunetto

Gustavo Brunetto

Director of Technology

Headshot of AI Engineer, Cristian Najera

Cristian Najera

AI Engineer

Headshot of Project Manager, Traian Talpalaru

Traian Talpalaru

Project Manager

Headshot of Software Developer, Wataru Maeda

Wataru Maeda

Software Developer

Headshot of Marketing Lead, Grace Wang

Grace Wang

Marketing Lead

Headshot of Software Developer, Pavel Smolov

Pavel Smolov

Software Developer

Headshot of Software Developer, Jonny Luan Nguyen

Jonny Luan Nguyen

Software Developer

Headshot of Software Developer, Tausif Khan

Tausif Khan

Software Developer

Headshot of Software Developer, Chris Ren

Chris Ren

Software Developer

Headshot of Software Developer, Tamara Smith

Tamara Smith

Software Developer

Headshot of UI/UX Designer, Chloe Bui

Chloe Bui

UI/UX Designer

Headshot of Software Developer, Angela Kim

Angela Kim

Software Developer

Headshot of QA Specialist, Gabriel Santos

Gabriel Santos

QA Specialist

Headshot of Software Developer, Leonart Gutz

Leonart Gutz

Software Developer

Headshot of Software Developer, Yungmoo Song

Yungmoo Song

Software Developer

Headshot of Development Lead, Milton Gonzalez

Milton Gonzalez

Technology Advisor

Headshot of AI Engineering Intern, Nolan Kurylo

Nolan Kurylo

AI Engineering Intern

Headshot of Convergence's Accounting & Admin, Heidi Nam

Heidi Nam

Accounting & Admin

Headshot of Convergence's Associate, Michael Robson

Michael Robson


Headshot of Convergence's Associate, Farhan Umedaly

Farhan Umedaly

Rich Media Productions