Industry-leading software development.

Mobile apps and complex modern websites

E-commerce platforms and payment processing

Digital marketing tools and analytics platforms

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and A.I. technologies

Business engines and custom cloud-based APIs

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Software Development
Software development

From mobile apps to e-commerce platforms – business engines to fully custom systems – we can design, build, test and deploy it all. We can also host and manage all of the moving parts so that you can focus on the business.

Flexible Terms
Flexible terms

Businesses come in different shapes and sizes, and so do our offerings; we are able to work with both early-stage startups and established organizations.

Business Development
Business development

We can help you with corporate structuring, industry partnering, intellectual property, business development and so much more.

What we do

Convergence is a leading software development company located in Vancouver, Canada.

Social media platforms, medical systems, digital marketing tools, mobile photography – you name it, we can probably build it.

Mobile photography
Mobile photography

Advanced photo processing, storage & sharing.

Social media
Social media

Comprehensive & custom-made social media platforms with all of the interactions and features you can think of.


Complete e-commerce solutions with everything from payment gateway integrations to inventory management.

Digital marketing
Digital marketing

Digital marketing platforms with end-to-end administrative & user-facing capabilities.

Administrative and management consoles
Administrative consoles and management

Fully custom and cutting-edge web-based administrative consoles for any purpose.

Medical systems
Medical systems

Staff & client-facing health care portals with custom integrations with existing platforms.

Think of software as an iceberg.

Software projects are deceivingly complex. Take a mobile app, for example – it is often thought of as just an app, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Many moving parts are required to support the systems behind the app. A typical app shop may not have the depth and breadth of experience required to build a comprehensive platform that will scale with your business.

A typical data-driven app, for example, may require a database, a back-end server containing all of the data processing systems, SMS sending capabilities, email sending capabilities, distributed infrastructure to provide fault tolerance, automated load balancing to cope with varying traffic demands, network traffic encryption, user authentication mechanisms, periodic data backups and various third-party integrations – just to name the most common requirements.

At Convergence, we are experts at building the entire iceberg.

Who we are

Additional services

Bundle our software development with one or more services designed to empower your business to succeed.

Corporate services

Corporate services

Our members have built many companies, joint ventures and sophisticated corporate structures. We can advise you – or handle everything for you.

IP services

Intellectual Property

Protect your business by having the intellectual property landscape reviewed, your trademarks filed or your patents submitted. Convergence will connect you with top-tier IP advice and services.

Capital markets

Capital markets

We can help eligible entrepreneurs – ones that we believe have all the ingredients for success – connect to venture capital, angel investors and the capital markets.

Media production

Media production

Rich media can do a lot for your business. Investor-targeted videos, for example, can help you get through your next round of funding, and product videos can help attract customers.

Business development

Business development

Growing your tech business can be tough. There are countless aspects to consider and roadblocks to overcome. Our veterans can guide, advise and assist you.

Other assistance

Other assistance

Every business has unique needs, and more likely than not we can help you out.

Is your business a startup?


Find out how Convergence can help early-stage startups build the tech they need to raise capital.

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