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Convergence is an official AWS Select Consulting Partner

Becoming an official AWS Select Consulting Partner

One of the great things about operating as an ever-changing technology agency is the ability to choose the tools and platforms that we believe are the best fit on a project-specific basis. At Convergence this typically (in 2019) means React + Node application-platforms; but always with AWS cloud services providing the foundational infrastructure.

A Brief History of AWS

The AWS subsidiary started as the globally distributed backbone of the Amazon store. Since could never afford to go down – and needed infinite scale – a massive amount of infrastructure and data warehousing was needed. It made sense to offer this infrastructure to third parties in the form of cloud storage and services.

Nowadays, AWS not only offers cloud storage with a high degree of redundancy, but also an array of metered pay-for-what-you-use products that integrate with your enterprise applications – such as Alexa Voice Recognition, Machine Learning, and Global Content Delivery.

AWS Services

What being a Select Consulting Partner means for Convergence and our clients

Becoming an official consulting partner in the AWS Partner Network is not easy. Their compliance requirements require that you have a solid and experienced team of formally certified AWS engineers. Amazon’s recognizance of Convergence’s capabilities in cloud computing signal to both our current and future clients that they are in good hands.

In addition to the credentials, being a certified partner also means more opportunities for continued AWS training, exposure to other certified partner members, and being featured and recommended to potential clients around the world that seek cloud development expertise.

AWS Services

Looking ahead

With each new project, we grow and learn, honing our skills in consulting, development, and design – always using the best technologies available. Whatever our clients and dev teams dream up, AWS will have the power and scalability to make it happen.