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Who we are

Here are some of the people that lead and power Convergence.

Depth of experience

Our key members have been operating in relevant fields for 10 to 30+ years each. Convergence is guided by our collective experience.

Multiple disciplines

We're not just software professionals. Our team boasts vast experience in the capital markets, video production, all aspects of intellectual property, business development and much more.

Our developer network

Convergence utilizes a network of trusted developers whose specializations are varied. We use the right people for the right project.

Matthew Housser

Matthew Housser

CEO, Director

Matthew received his BSc in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University, and has been working for Fortune 500 companies and building businesses since the moment he completed his studies. He spent nearly 2 years with Kodak designing sophisticated digital printing press workflow mechanisms, and over 5 years with Western Union’s Business Solutions division, where he rose to the rank of Architect and designed/implemented many of their mission critical, globally accessible financial systems and controls. His entrepreneurial experience includes a software invention that received a US patent and co-founding multiple businesses.


Matthew’s specialties include high-level architecture of complex software systems, integrating sophisticated multi-component projects and an overall ability to turn concept into reality.

Howard Louie

Howard Louie

Managing Director

For over thirty years, Mr. Louie has served as a founder, director or C-Level executive in a wide variety of private and public companies.


Experienced in international business development and in the capital markets (primarily at the executive management level), he has been involved in the process of structuring/restructuring and advising both private and public companies through domestic and cross border mergers and acquisitions, and has successfully concluded multiple joint ventures and exits between micro-caps and multinationals.


Historically, Mr. Louie’s primary areas of focus have been business development, early/intermediate-stage venture capital and institutional investment financing.

Angela Fu

Angela Fu

Director (Parent Company)

Angela is an entrepreneur and investor with businesses in both North America and China. She graduated from Peking University’s prestigious Health Science Center and continued her studies in Peking University’s MBA program.


Angela started her career in the Institute of Materia Medica (IMM), a Chinese science academy of significant reputation in the field of medical R&D. She then moved into the marketing side of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, working for large companies such as CMS Pharma Co.


Moving into entrepreneurship, Angela subsequently started her own company which specializes in medical devices – a collaborative business between Germany and China – as well as opening up (and investing in) several businesses in North America. Angela maintains an impressive global network of associates and contacts.

Michael Robson

Michael Robson

Design & User Experience Lead

Michael has worked on startups since founding a university textbook portal in 2001. More recently, he worked in Communication, Web and App Design for startups in China for 5 years before returning to Canada in 2013. From drawing to design to code, he loves the creative problem solving process.


When he’s not playing with Sketch, he’s probably learning a new language or in the kitchen ‘designing’ his latest macaroni-based masterpiece.

Slava Ivanov

Viatcheslav Ivanov

Development Lead

Viacheslav – or Slava, for short – is a programmer with over 10 years’ experience building web and mobile applications for both startups and enterprises. His experience has been focused on developing competitive web and mobile products for large customer bases – from IoT platforms to citizen-facing services for the municipal government. He specializes in delivering highly-available NodeJS applications/APIs with rich ReactJS client interfaces.


Since 2010, Slava has worked in cross-functional Agile teams, functioning in a multitude of roles both technical and leadership-oriented.


Outside of work, Slava’s interests include functional programming, building bots and trading stocks.

Wataru Maeda

Wataru Maeda

Full Stack Developer

Wataru is a passionate mobile app developer with years of experience developing for the iOS ecosystem. He’s enthusiastic about learning new technical skills and thrives in international environments. Wataru’s professional and educational experience has brought him to Japan, Australia and, finally, Canada, while his personal travel experiences have brought him to fifteen different countries.


Wataru is the organiser of an iOS Meetup group with over 1,800 members across Japan and Canada, and teaches beginners how to develop iOS apps.

Kevin Huang

Kevin Ziwen Huang

Full Stack Developer

Kevin is a mobile developer with a special interest in healthcare and blockchain technologies.


In addition to obtaining a MSc in eHealth from McMaster University and a BSc in Neuroscience from the University of British Columbia, Kevin has engaged with regional clients such as the BC Children’s Hospital as well as spun off start-up projects in collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada. From the planning and procurement of large scale data systems for the Clinical Systems Transformation project (a $900M joint initiative of VCH, PHSA, and PHC), to knowledge translation for the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation, Kevin is well-versed in navigating the convoluted landscape that the healthcare world resides in and is an expert at creating simple solutions to complex problems.


Outside of work, Kevin’s interests include attempting triathlons, rock climbing, and diving down the rabbit hole known as the blockchain!

Benny Wang

Benny Wang

Full Stack Developer

Benny is a motivated and passionate full stack developer with a BSc in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia.


He has over 6 years’ experience working for a variety of companies, including private start-ups, enterprise products and the municipal government. His experience and efforts have primarily been focused on building large scale web applications using the MERN stack, and he is enthusiastic about learning new frameworks and technologies.


Outside of software development, Benny loves travelling and has been to over 15 countries. He also enjoys in-depth NBA discussions and playing PC games.

Yinghua Guan

Yinghua Guan

AI/Machine Learning Engineer

Yinghua is a Machine Learning (AI) engineer with a special interest in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP).


He holds a MSc in Data Science from the University of British Columbia and a BSc in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, San Diego. Previously, Yinghua has been involved in various machine learning projects such as the development of an anomaly detection system, a video game recommendation system, and a customer behavioural segmentation system.


In addition to developing AI, Yinghua likes to cook, spend time with family, and embark on sophisticated lego-building projects.

Milton Gonzalez

Milton Gonzalez

Full Stack Developer

Milton is a full stack developer with over 10 years’ experience building and leading web and mobile projects for government agencies and startups. He received his Bachelors degree in Systems Engineering and Computer Science in 2006.


In 2014 Milton evolved into a very passionate Cloud Solutions Architect, designing, implementing, deploying and managing solutions on leading cloud providers such as AWS and Google Cloud Platform.


Outside of work, Milton loves playing tennis, riding his bike and cooking new dishes.

Sayaka Sekishima

Sayaka Sekishima

UI/UX/Graphic Designer

Sayaka is a bilingual UI designer from Japan who is fascinated with creating emotional connections between users and products. She specializes in branding, graphic design as well as user-centric design. Aside from her life as a designer, Sayaka has experience as a professional translator, assisting business operations between Japanese and foreigners since 2011.


In her free time, Sayaka likes to check out new restaurants and sweets cafés, and has proudly tried most of the ice cream shops in Vancouver.

Mako Mizuno

Mako Mizuno

UI/UX/Graphic Designer

Mako is a creative and detail-oriented UI designer with 4+ years of experience, specializing in web design for manufacturing and industrial companies. She is self-motivated, well-versed in negotiations, planning and development, relationship management, operations, and logistics coordination and scheduling. Her proven experiences and responsibilities in creative process stages include conceptualizing, searching, creating wireframes, prototypes, mockups, and working closely with developers and marketing teams. Mako is passionate about solving design problems and asking herself what the best solution is.


She enjoys going above and beyond when it comes to learning new skills and techniques! Mako hosts Meetup events to mentor new designers and share her design skills.

Brendan Ghag

Brendan Ghag

Legal Counsel

Brendan received his M.B.A. in 2015, his J.D. in 2016 and was called to the British Columbia Bar in 2017.


Brendan advises on a broad range of legal issues and is passionate about crafting flexible legal solutions that reflect the way we live and do business today. Outside of the practice of law, Brendan is interested in how new technologies, such as blockchain, can modify our local and global legal ecosystems.


In his free time, Brendan likes to follow advancements in space exploration, play poker, and swim.

Jesse Faltus

Jesse Faltus

Advisor, Mobile Tech

Jesse has been working in the mobile development industry for over a decade and has shipped dozens of apps in his career. He received his BSc in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University and has been climbing the development ranks since then. Today, he is a lead developer at the world’s largest dating site and is responsible for mobile apps that reach millions of users.


While mobile development is Jesse’s specialty, he is also an entrepreneur that thrives on innovation and idea creation. He is the CEO of his own gaming company and is regularly inventing new features and experiences that can be used in his projects.


Jesse’s area of expertise is planning, architecting, and implementing high performance mobile apps.

Farhan Umedaly

Farhan Umedaly

Advisor, Rich Media Productions

With a diverse background in neurobiology, renewable energy, sales & marketing and as a multi-instrumentalist music producer with over 17+ years experience in digital audio and video production, Farhan heads up VoVo Productions, a multimedia production studio that focuses on the creation of advertising videos & commercials for technology companies.


Farhan is an expert at conveying complex subjects in a simple and effective way. With access for the freshest talent in the film, animation & visual effects, Farhan employs a small team of multi-faceted experts to ensure the highest production quality while maintaining the focus and integrity of each project.

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